Week 1 – Pico Paso

This week I did something kinda small since I was still waiting for parts for the B-O-X project. I soldered a pair of Pico Paso boards that I am giving to a couple of my friends. I had come upon Bleep Labs a few weeks ago when I saw it in the Make Blog and ordered a Pico Paso and a Nebulophone for myself. These are awesome electronic sound/noise making boards that sport some buttons, knobs and light sensors. Since they were so cool and the Pico Paso kit is only $25, I ordered a couple for some friends. This week I assembled and soldered them. As it turns out, I gave them to other friends and ordered another pair for the original two friends.  These are really cool and I would suggest going to the bleep labs site and watching the videos. If any other mustangers are interested in one but don’t have soldering skills we could do a workshop sometime or just get together and I could show you how.

This project wasn’t a big effort so I was able to also put some effort into working on the B-O-X lights and the Giga Pan which will be projects 2 and 3. The parts I need for the B-O-X  project came on Friday so there is nothing in the way of completing them.  Also, my new tripod came and I unboxed my GigaPan  (it’s a beta unit that is similar to the Giga Pan Epic) and started setting up for some cool giga pixel panoramic photos.

Here are pics of the finished goods.

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