Crap, Crap, Crap. Balls!

My phone (Nexus S) died and I need to deal with it. It seems that the charge cable shorted and melted the connector on my phone. Not only am I unable to charge it but it is behaving strangely. It is acting like the back button is constantly being pressed. I tried scrubbing the connector with a tooth brush to get any loose crap out but that didn’t work. I am going to see if BestBuy can do anything for me but I doubt it. So I probably have to disassemble the phone, remove the USB connector and boot up the phone to see if the issues go away with the back button. If so I’ll need to find the proper connector at digikey or mouser and solder a new one in.

While I was dealing with setting up Google voice to forward my number to my work cell phone, my mother called and said her computer is making a wrrrring noise and isn’t booting. Of course I am the family computer guy. I have a USB drive with Ubuntu ready so I can poke around and see what might be wrong.

So it look like this week might be filled with computer repair. I’ll take pictures of the Nexus S insides and post them. Hopefully I’ll have enough spare time to complete the project I planned. If not, I’ll make a pie this weekend and continue with the fun gadgetry next week.

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